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Unity plugins-Road Traffic System

File size: 245.3 MB Version: 2.1.4 Supported Unity Version: 5.6.1 or higher Road and traffic simulation solution for anyone who wants to use the road network in a game. Description Road & Traffic System is a plug-in specifically designed for...
Unity Plugin Unity3D Game Assets

Unity plugins-Highroad Engine

2023.11.07 Updated plug-in version file size: 96.9 MB Version: 1.3.1 Original Unity version: 2019.4.28 or higher Highroad Engine is an artifact for making fantasy arcade racing games. Whether you are preparing to make a single-player, local or online multiplayer game,...
Unity Plugin Unity3D Game Assets

Unity plugins-Game Database plugins SimpleSQL

File size:45.3 MB Version:2.16.1 Original Unity Version:2017.4.8 or higher SQLite integrated into your games and apps Find SimpleSQL can help you integrate database storage into your games or projects Create level map links, store player statistics, save inventory specifications, and...