UE4插件 – 实时毛发插件 Real-Time Hairstyle Unreal Engine 4 project 1

Full PBR real-time hair with basic head.

This is just a static hair plane with texture… does not apply to the ue 4.26 alembic plug-in.

You can merge this hair with your other characters.

When you purchase this item, you will have:

The Unreal Engine 4 item that uses this hair, where you can change hair colors and adjust other settings

Just download a complete package archive and you will find everything you need in it.

Polycount: Full Hair-40K tris

All hair textures have 4K resolution in tga. (Albedo, normal, direction, cavity, ao, root, id, object space, specification)

As you can see in my Albedo texture, this shader only works with spotlights/point lights. If you want to get brighter textures without them-just increase the brightness/level of albedo in Photoshop and use the parameters I showed in the video. Or just use the “ColorDefinition” parameter to reduce the color of the texture and use other settings to get a nice look.