Unity – 代码命令管理器 MonKey – Productivity Commands

File size: 46.4 mb

Version: 2023.0.3

Original Unity Version: 2022.1.24 or higher

Command Manager with a large number of commands accelerates your Unity workflow and says goodbye to boring and repetitive tasks

MonKey is Unity’s ultimate productivity booster and workflow enhancer, and with its clever command manager, provides you with the easiest and most effective way to use the editor!


use the smartest MonKey in the jungle to search, select, rename and create faster and enjoy a smoother editing experience.

Inspired by systems in Zbrush, Houdini, Blender or Resharper, MonKey gives you direct access to time-saving and advanced commands from artists, designers and programmers.

MonKey eliminates the trouble of having to perform repetitive or cumbersome tasks or browse lengthy menus: Type in commands and get work done faster!