Unity – 核心游戏套件 Core GameKit

File size: 3.5MB


Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or later

includes complete pooling, generation, wave and combat systems!

Use Core GameKit to significantly speed up the time to market for new 3D or 2D games! We have provided most of your bases with complete pooling and combat systems, picking support (gold coins/life packs, etc.), player (and enemy) statistical modifications, enemy wave settings and level design tools, and all the options you need! Everything takes a few minutes, no coding required! Online demonstration!

Pooling-Contains a complete object pool system to avoid instantiation and destruction calls! Addressable and temporary pool projects are now supported!

is flexible-use the value of any world variable for any Core GameKit Inspector field (la Playmaker)!

requires no coding-all Unity UGUI events are supported!

events-support Unity 2D collisions and triggers!

global waves-each wave can trigger any number of monster cages. Significantly speed up level design!

trigger generators-These generators are generated when certain events occur, such as triggers, becoming visible, etc. Can contain nested child generators!

preform pools-these allow you to set the probability of preforms coming from the generator. Project A should appear 5 times more frequently than project B.

killable-This Swiss Army Knife script provides you with health points, attack points, a complete combat system, filters for refined hit detection control, preform replacements, and manipulation world variables. It can also be used to pick up items such as coins or health bags!

world variables-Set any number of world variables, such as scores and health status. As you destroy enemies, pick up life packs, etc., let something that kills change them. You can also set repeated waves until the world variable reaches a certain value or more!