Unity – 死亡竞赛 AI 游戏开发模板 Deathmatch AI Kit

File size: 177.0MB

Version: 2.0.2

Support Unity Version: 2019.4.0 or later

Deathmatch AI Kit contains a set of behavioral tree tasks with the goal of: destroying all enemy targets. To achieve this goal, agents will move in formation, seek cover, determine the best weapon and attack the target strategically. The Deathmatch AI Kit allows team-based and free deathmatch games using the power of Behavior Designer and Ultimate Character Controller. The

AI agent can handle advanced situations, such as:

·Strategically attack enemy

·Cover and attack enemy

·Work together as a team to eliminate enemy

·Create formation with other agents

·Respond to backup requests from teammates

·Determine the best weapon

·Throw and dodge grenades

·Use shotable or melee weapons

·Search for enemies, ammunition and health

·See and hear enemies

·Attack explosives near enemies

By adjusting mission parameters and rearranging tasks in the behavior tree, you can customize your AI agents based on your game.