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Toy car simulator is an amazing car simulator game. Drive superior vehicles, collect coins on platforms and on the road, buy new cars, and unlock new levels. TCS has 3 game modes. Free rides, roads and arenas. In free ride mode, you can test the capabilities of your vehicle. In highway mode, you can collect more and more coins. But oil! Arena mode is really great.


game features: * 3 game modes (free ride, highway, arena). * 11 different types of vehicles. * Day and night levels. * Best vehicle physics. * Lovely graphics. * High-quality game sound. * Use Unity Ads (optional) for “watch ads, continue playing” or free coins. * Check the availability of Internet connections before video advertisements. * Scriptableobjects for managing projects are easier. * Lightmapped scenes. * Optimize models and textures for optimal performance on mobile devices. * Use the latest version of RCC (V3.1). * Clean up scripts written in C#. Toolkit details: 111MB Currently released version 1.5 Supported versions: version 5.4.1 and above