Unity插件 – 2D游戏子弹轨道优化插件 BulletPro – 2D Projectile Workspace

File size: 18.6MB

Version: 1.5.1

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or later

BulletPro is the new default solution when your 2D game includes” shooting things.” It has a complete workspace for fine-tuning the movement, appearance and behavior of the bullet.

provides you with a complete dedicated workspace for adjusting the movement, appearance and behavior of bullets, all of which can be accessed in real time.

Endless design space:

With the help of parametric profiles, your pattern possibilities will be unlimited, which provides the same workflow as the most popular post-processing and VFX tools. All parameters are easily found, randomized, correlated or related to game difficulty. You can even create your own parameters!


take care of optimized solutions for all technical aspects: “spe” “sps”-based collisions “spe””sps”-Custom labeling system “spe””sps”-Flexible pool system “spe””sps”-VFX and SFX handlers “spe””sps”-Composite colliders “” sps “for custom shapes” spe ” “”sps” All of which allow up to 0 – 0 bullets to be displayed on the screen, and is fully suitable for mobile devices.