, Unity插件 – 可以破坏的2D游戏开发 Destructible 2D,


file size: 6.1MB

version: 4.0.5

original Unity version: 2020.3.0 or higher

uses Destructible 2D to unleash the full potential of 2D games, this asset allows you to quickly convert all boring entity sprites into fully destroyable sprites!

uses Destructible 2D to unleash the full potential of your 2D game, a resource that allows you to quickly turn all boring solid elves into completely destroyable!

numerous demo scenes-Destructible 2D contains a large number of tutorial demo scenes that guide you through each feature step by step. These scenarios contain detailed description text that explains what is being displayed, which components are being used, and which settings are used.

easy to use-Destructible 2D is designed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. To achieve this, each component is fully modular, follows the Unity inspector design style, has intuitively named settings, and contains detailed tooltip text. If you are a programmer, complete C # source code is included so that you can create and modify anything!

long-term support-Destructible 2D has been updated regularly for more than 5 years. Thanks to all users who have downloaded, scored, commented and provided feedback so far! The resource now supports Unity 2017, 2018, 2019 and scriptable rendering pipeline SRP.

explosions-this feature allows you to damage your sprites with light, collisions, and so on. Its explosive shape can be customized with any Texture2D you like, and I also include a lot of explosive prefabricated parts to help you!

split-if you chop or cut breakable elves into multiple pieces, this feature automatically divides them into multiple parts!

Optimization-if you need your game to run on mobile, you can reduce the number of pixels used at the click of a button. Destroy pixels are stored separately from visual pixels, so your wizard will look very clear! If you have large destructible objects, you need complex Collider shapes, but these are slow to generate / update. To fix this, Destructible 2D optimizes the Collider into grid elements, so only modified colliders are updated!

cut-this damage mode allows you to cut between two points on the screen, which can be done on a mobile device with a mouse or finger!

shredding-if you need breakable sprites to break into random fragments (such as breaking eggs), this feature will automatically achieve its effect after you hit the object enough times!

Healing-if you want to redo or repair damage to destructible elves, you can use seals, slices, explosions to heal, or let the whole elf heal itself over time!

scorch marks-it’s nice to cut on sprites, but this feature makes it very easy to actually display scorch marks in the area you need!

damage count-this feature is perfect for you if you need to see how much damage is done to destructible sprites. You can see how many pixels you have left, or how many percent of the pixels are left!

genie switch-it’s nice to cut and add scorch marks on sprites, but if you also want to switch between the visual sprites below based on impact or pixel damage, this feature makes it easy for you to do so!

removable-if you want to disconnect / cut parts of a solid object (such as a tree with branches), this feature makes it easy for you to deal with!

transparent-if you have transparent breakable objects (such as glass windows), Destructible 2D will use custom shaders to handle them. There are even sample scenarios to show how you do it!

joints disconnect-if you have complex joints (for example, Bova), then with Destructible 2D you can use cutting to break these joints!

melting-if you want to simulate melting (such as hot rock melting ice), it contains the required components and sample scenarios!

fixed-if you need to connect the separate parts of the breakable sprites together (for example, the beam on the circuit must be connected to the power supply), then this feature will make it very easy!