Unity插件 – 2D关卡生成器 Edgar Pro – Procedural Level Generator

File size: 9.7MB

Version: 2.0.5

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.34 or later

Edgar is a programmatic 2D level generator. It combines a graphics-based approach with hand-crafted room templates, giving game designers full control over the generated levels.

Fog of War is only compatible with built-in rendering pipelines and URPs.


graph-based approach

You decide exactly how many rooms you need in a level and how they should be connected, and then the generator generates levels that exactly follow that structure. Do you want a boss room at the end of each level? Or is it the shop room in the middle of the checkpoint? With a graphics-based approach, anything is possible.

Handmade room templates

The appearance of each room is controlled by so-called room templates. These are the pre-written building blocks that the algorithm selects from when generating levels. They are created using Unity tilemaps, but they can also contain other game objects such as lights, enemies, or boxes with trophies. You can also assign different room templates to different types of rooms. For example, the appearance of the rebirth room may be different from the Boss room.

Before purchasing

Although the generator is very powerful, it is relatively simple to prepare inputs that are difficult to generate. For example, your level diagram may have too many rooms/cycles, or your room template may have too many restrictions. So if you want to generate complex levels but don’t want to spend some time understanding the core concepts of the generator, then this asset may not be for you.

main features

uses a powerful level diagram editor to describe the level structure Use hand-crafted room templates to control the appearance of the room Easy to customize using custom post-processing logic Multiple example scenarios with different generator settings and more…