Unity插件 – 2D物理弹球 Pixul Physics 2D

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Version: 1.0

Original Unity Version: 5.5.0 or higher

Pixul Physics 2D provides accurate, collision-based trajectories and customizable physics solutions for 2D games.

fine tune the settings to get the accurate look and feel of the game. Features of


include: -Easy to use. – Use your own custom prefabricated to display the trajectory as dotted lines, or use the Unity 5.5 Line Renderer feature to display the trajectory as solid lines. – Smoothing your trajectory and improve the appearance. – Set the number of points along the trajectory. – Multi-directional gravity customization. – Set the power of the launched object. – Define the surface attributes of each object in the game. – Stop the trajectory through a specific object. – Use a timer to hide the trajectory after shooting.

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