Unity插件 – 2D 像素化角色制作插件 2D Pixel Unit Maker – SPUM

2023.12.06 Updated version

File Size: 1.5 MB

Version: 1.6.5

Support Unity Version: 2019.4.33 or higher

“”SPUM (Soonsoon Pixel Unit) is a manufacturer of 2D pixel units used for unified game development. You can use it to make your own pixel characters. It is very simple, fast and powerful.

1. Project Scenes

-Unit Maker Editor Scenes x 1

-Wizard Editor Scenes (Beta) x 1

-Example Project Scenes x 1

2. SPUM’s Sprite Resources

-Poppy Sprite x 9

-Eye Sprite x 16

-Hair Sprite x 48

-FaceHair Sprite Source x 7

-Cloth Sprite Source x 25

-Pants Source x 16

-Helmet Source x 22

-Armor Sprite x 21

“””- Weapon sprites x 44

-Back sprites x 7

-Shadow sprites x 1