Unity插件 – 2D智能照明插件 Smart Lighting 2D

2023.12.12 Updated version

File Size: 17.4 MB

Version: 2022.11.0

Original Unity Version: 2018.4.36 or higher

Smart Lighting 2D is a lightweight and powerful tool that makes it easy to set lighting for 2D scenes.


functions ● Perfect customer support (Unity 2017、2018、2019、 2020) ● Easy to use on mobile (Excellent performance on Android and iOS devices) ● 9 demonstration scenes ● 2D dynamic lighting with soft shadows ● Support for HDR lighting ● Event handling-light collisions ● User-friendly masking and layer system ● Support for tile maps (2018.1 or later) ● Support for experimental isometric tile maps (2018.2 or higher) ● Support for Super Tile Map Editor (2018.1 or later) ● Light based on picture sprite texture ● Support for 2D collider (Circles, boxes, capsules, polygons, edges) ● Support for custom physical shapes ● Bump polygon collision body shapes ● Daytime shadows with sun angle ● Height of daytime shadows ● You can change many lighting settings in real time (e.g., darkness) ● Complete C#Code API ● 2D Geometry Assistant API