, Unity插件 – 3D布局设计 Flexalon 3D Layouts,


2023.12.06 updated version

file size: 11.6 MB

version: 4.1.1

original Unity version: 2020.3.38 or higher

Flexalon is the level designer, Animators and interface designers provide the ability to adapt 3D layouts that are well made and easily updated.

Flexalon objects

resize: you can accurately control the width. Height, and depth padding: you can scale objects and layouts to fill any available space margins and patches: you can add gaps around and inside the layout


Flexible Layout: you can position objects linearly along the x, y, or z axis And selectively wrap edges Grid Layout: you can evenly arrange objects into rows and columns Circle Layout along any two axes: you can position objects Spiral Layout: you can position objects along spirals Curve Layout: you can position objects along a straight line or any number of points on a Bezier curve Random Layout: you can position objects randomly by using a stable random seed. Rotate and resize objects Constraints: you can limit the position of one object to another, Rotation and size Custom Layout: custom layout: you can create your own layout


Curve Animator by extending a basic component: animate objects between layout positions by using an adjustable animation curve Lerp Animator: animate objects between layout positions using linear interpolation Rigid Body Animator: force rigid bodies toward layout positions Animated Custom Animators: create your own animation strategy

data binding

Cloner by using an interface: generate objects Data Binding based on data sources: by using an interface to update objects with data items


Flexalon can automatically adapt to the following items: Mesh Renderer Sprite Renderer TextMeshPro Rect Transform (Including Canvas) Collider & Collider2D