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, Unity插件 – AAA音效编辑器声音插件 Master Audio 2022: AAA Sound,

Resource version: 2020.3.8 Resource Type: .unitypackage Resource size: 39.3 MB support version: 2017.1.0 or higher

Master Audio provides you with far more ease of use, speed, functionality and flexibility than any competitor. Why use another underpowered solution and waste time writing code? We have coded every scenario from simple to complex, so you don’t have to do this! If you don’t have Playmaker, we even have our own flexible “uncoded” event-based scripts to connect sounds.

Master Audio is the only Unity audio framework with extensive turnkey multiplayer features! For Mirror and Photon (PUN, Classic, and Photon 2). UNET’s deprecated software packages are also included.

:: there are many choices of audio occlusion!

:: true random * weighted * sound changes.

:: grid / Spline Audio-locate the audio source in the nearest part of the Collider-ideal for river and other ambient audio!

:: many advanced features in categories such as voice restrictions and time-limited re-triggers.

:: simple multiplayer game! All players can hear your dynamic audio without writing any additional code or RPC. Just select the “multiplayer broadcast” check box that appears on our super-powerful event-based script!

:: save memory! Automatically load and unload audio from resource files, including simple multilingual support!

:: immersive! Set up multi-layer music with cross-fade or seamless transition!

:: save time! Mix during live playback, and you can choose to keep these changes when you stop!

:: easy! You don’t need to write any code to set up each scene or persistent sound and track!

:: no coding! Powerful and flexible event-driven scripts for uncoded control of sounds and playlists!

:: explosion! Built-in every music dodge!

:: power! Unity audio filter FX is supported. Master audio exclusive!

:: fun! Jukebox allows you to test and control the playlist in real time!

:: there is no instantiation in the game! Get rock-solid performance and ultra-low distribution on all platforms!

:: full control! Fine control through professional audio mixer control, including bus and mute / solo switch!

:: now includes Bulk Audio Importer!

:: 5-star support, please read our comments!

supports all export platforms with excellent mobile game performance.

setting is very fast and simple, plug and play. Intuitive control means quick adjustments and optimal workflows, so you have more time to deal with important issues.

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