Unity插件 – 高级角色行为 Breeze – Advanced Character Behaviour

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version: 1.02

original Unity version: 2021.3.33 or higher

Breeze is an advanced behavior system tool suitable for any type of project.

– key features –

– > easy setup wizard

– use the accompanying editor window to easily create the system.

-> built-in setup Guide

-if there are any errors in your settings, the system will warn you and fix them.

– > supports multiple weapons

– the system can handle multiple weapons at the same time.

-> Sound Detection

-the system can detect and respond to sound.

– > supports the root motion

– it can be navigated using the root motion animation.

– > Modular shooting behavior

– create characters using any long-range weapon you like.

– > Modular melee behavior

– create characters using any melee weapon you like.” Custom action for

– > NPC behavior

– create custom actions, play custom animations to make functional NPC

– > switch between weapons

– manually or automatically between weapons (when ammunition is exhausted).

-> melee weapon block

-the character automatically plays square animation to prevent damage.

– > built-in destination system

– characters can wander through path points created by users using the built-in editor.

– > built-in generation system

– characters can be generated around the player through texture and height detection.

-> built-in inverse kinematics system

-with the built-in IK system, it can accurately aim and position the hand.

– > supports puppet death

– you can create doll physics for your character.

– > detailed documentation and tutorials

– through our detailed documentation and tutorials, you can easily use this asset.

– > Animation creation wizard

– use the built-in animation wizard to easily configure animation.