Unity插件 – 高级足部放置插件 iStep

2023.11.13 Updated version

File Size: 351.2 MB

Version: 1.3.6

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.14 or higher

iStep is an advanced foot placement solution for Unity that helps bring your characters to life and provides the AAA feeling everyone is looking for.

main features

drag-and-drop integration Smooth foot placement Solid body placement 360° support realistic learning behavior Clear footprint event interface Comprehensive effectors Fully extensible classes can be combined with animation binding HDRP, Demonstration scenes with URP and built-in rendering pipelines The demonstration scenes include Pimped Starter Assets third-person controllers AAA quality

Integration becomes easier

Drag and drop the corresponding iStep script onto your character, enable IK delivery and complete. That’s all you need to start and run iStep. It applies to players as well as any enemy AI. Are you an artist and don’t like coding? No problem, iStep includes an effects player that you can use to get any footstep effect, whether it’s sounds, particles, or decals, without having to write any code to get it up and running. You are a coder and your game requires specific behaviors. Do you need direct access to scripts in it? No problem, iStep provides fully extensible scripts that take full advantage of polymorphism and an excellent clear interface.

A big step towards AAA quality

iStep provides one of the simplest and most reliable experiences to enable the games you develop to meet AAA quality standards. iStep is built specifically for Unity and provides excellent performance with a large number of features. Take your character’s behaviors to the next level and bring them to life with iStep.