Unity插件 – 先进的抓斗系统 Advanced Grappling System

File size: 480.5 MB

Version: 1.3

Original Unity Version: 2021.2.10 or later

This asset contains all the functions required for advanced grabbing guns (rope animation, aiming assistance, etc.).

Note: This asset currently only contains models in the display video!

This asset contains all the functions needed for advanced grab guns (rope animation, aiming assistance, etc.). It can also adjust each variable to your preferences and customize it to suit your project.

Demonstration V1.3 Blast Grab Gun and Grab System (Urban Demonstration)

Features of the advanced grab system

-Rope animation, which can be changed arbitrarily by changing the values in the inspector

-Wizard Aiming Aid with a large number of options, you can set any object, model, sprite, picture, etc. you want to show the position of the grab when using the Aiming Aid.

-extremely customizable, you can modify every value to make the perfect grab gun for your game. Just change the script values and you can make thousands of grab guns.

-customizable ropes, including materials!

-Easily set up a new grab gun with all mechanisms and functions in up to 5 minutes.

-Rigid body character controller with jumping, walking, etc.

-A blade blade example has been set up and will provide extensive tutorials