Unity插件 – 先进的FPS 恐怖系统 Advanced Mobile FPS Horror System

File size: 177.4MB

Version: 2.0

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.13 or higher

You can easily use the advanced mobile FPS terror system to play games on mobile or PC platforms. Jumpscare, interactive props, blue ultraviolet flashlights, enemy AI, menu UI, atmosphere, weather, weapons and other

are ready for an optimized, content-rich, ready-to-use mobile FPS suite system. The package is fully customizable, extensible, well-documented and well-structured. You can easily create horror, puzzle or survival games or fps games in minutes using prefabricated items.

You can find the main features listed below:

FPS Character Controller FPS Hands (Optional-you can deactivate or activate this feature) Interactive drawer props Medical bag system Use gun (pistol) and ammunition system Life system and UI bar with blood damage effect PC input support (mouse and keyboard) Mobile input support (joystick and touchpad) Suitcase barrel and flame particle props Various game types (Die when you are caught or die when your health is exhausted) Incredibly scary atmosphere weather (Fog + Rain + Thunder Lights with sound effects) Flashlight targeting enemy AI’s blue ultraviolet rays (Burning enemies) Jump interactive doors (Unlock, open, close, hide, shake hard, etc.) Interactive buttons (Unlock) Blink system for interaction Interactive treasure chest with padlock puzzles Interactive cabinet Enemy artificial intelligence system with animation Ladder system (Grab, carry, place, etc.) Interactive notes (reading) Interactive removable wood on the wall 4 different ready-to-use Jumpscar Ready-to-use and customize main menu scenarios Ready-to-use Settings panel Pause menu UI and Game End UI Progressive loading screen with prompts and start buttons