Unity插件 – 高级可视化脚本 FlowReactor High level visual scripting

2024.02.06 Updated plug-in version

file size: 1.8MB

version: 2.0.4

Original Unity version: 2020.3.33 or higher

FlowReactor is an advanced visual script editor. Create high-level processes in the Professional Node Editor. Use custom nodes tailored to your project.

use FlowReactor to create AI behaviors, user interface flows, conversation trees, tutorials, level scripts, game mechanics, state machines, and logic flows.

Intuitive workflow

uses custom output/transformation to create infinitely nested subgraphs. Use event boards and blackboards to manage global events and variables. Thanks to the scriptable object workflow, everything can be easily managed in the asset file. Use FlowReactor to organize and manage sequences and logical flows through diagrams and subdiagrams.

custom nodes

create custom nodes tailored to your project that not only multiply two values. This is a high level!

Thanks to the Node Wizard, creating new nodes is as easy as creating a new C#file.

FlowReactor will not become bloated by a lot of unnecessary oddities that can slow down your project.

Professional editor

This editor has been developed to seamlessly integrate into Unity. Make it look and feel professional and native. Everything is logical and easy to read. Copy and paste nodes across multiple charts, use mini maps to easily browse larger size charts and create groups and comments to keep your charts organized. Additional features such as branch mobility and automatic node assignment complete the intuitive experience.

Chart Browser

Thanks to the Chart Browser, you can easily browse charts and subcharts, find groups, and view the currently active nodes. The graphics browser can also locate errors in the graphics.