, Unity插件 – AI行为树设计插件 Behavior Designer – Behavior Trees for Everyone,


2024.02.20 updated plug-in version

file size: 4.1 MB

version: 1.7.7p1

original Unity version: 2018.4.0 or higher

AAA studio uses the behavior tree to create lifelike AI. With Opsive’s Behavior Designer, you can bring the power of the behavior tree to Unity!

Behavior Designer is a behavior tree implementation designed for everyone-programmers, artists, designers.

Behavior Designer provides an intuitive visual editor with powerful API to help you easily create new tasks. It also contains hundreds of tasks, PlayMaker integration and extensive third-party integration let you create a complex AI without writing any code!

from the beginning of the design, Behavior Designer is designed to be as efficient as possible, with zero configuration after initialization. As a result, it works well on all platforms, including mobile devices. Behavior Designer focuses on the behavior tree, which means that there will be a better behavior tree implementation with each update.

️function: an intuitive visual editor powerful API visual runtime debugger for communication between tasks variable conditional termination built-in in the event system using existing code Perform reflection tasks hundreds of tasks with the help of Unity Theory evaluation tasks real-time error detection binary or JSON serialization data oriented design after startup zero runtime allocation object plotter (property painter) contains runtime source code a large number of documents and videos provide online sample projects and more Multi-

️accessory resource kit: formation package sports package tactical package

️integration: 2D toolkit A* pathfinding project (sports bag) adventure maker anti-cheating toolkit Blox Bolt (visual script) camera path animator Cinema Director control freak Core GameKit Curvy dialog system DOTween Final IK Inventory Pro LeanTween Love/Hate Master Audio mirroring NGUI particle sports field PlayMaker PolyNav (sports bag) Pool Boss pool manager pool, Trigger, constraint bundling Rewired-Simple Waypoint System Ultimate role Controller Ultimate inventory system uScript uSequencer

* some promotional screenshots include tasks from sports packages or third-party integration.