Unity插件 – AI 游戏聊天插件 Chat GPT For Games – AI Integration

File size: 5.4MB

Version: 1.7

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.1 or later

Easily integrate chat GPT into your game. Use two lines of code to set up a chat gpt conversation in the game (see figure above). Support all latest Unity versions support all Unity platforms. The main features of


are the latest: You can use GPT-4, GPT-4- 32K or GPT-3.5-TURBO, GPT-3.5-TURBO-16K. Fully control chat gpt parameters such as Temperature, TopP, Presence_Penalty, and Frequency_Penalty. Security: You can choose to use the included Node js server to prevent hackers from stealing your api keys. Node js servers also have rate limiters, so you can ensure that your APIs are not abused. Well-written: Contains the complete source code. It’s well written, well commented, the code is light and easy to understand. Quick setup: You can quickly set up a conversation with just two lines of code. Please refer to the code picture above to learn how to do it. 2 Tutorial: A simple tutorial to help you get started. Advanced tutorial that gives you full control of the chat gPT1 NPC interaction scenario: NPCs get instructions and knowledge from unified inspectors. It then uses chat gpt to interact with players. See it in the video above. Please note that this is only experimental. 2 game concept scenarios: “Mind Reading” and trivia “True or False” have been seen in the video above. Editor Tool-Add the chat gpt window to the editor. Use it to generate, comment, and debug scripts. Designed as one window that can be used for all methods. Easily drag scripts into the project window or into the project window. Guide: Included in the main folder of the resource. It guides you through initial setup and advanced configuration (such as server settings)