Unity插件 – AI语音转文本插件 Speech Recognition using Google Cloud Pro

2023.08.09 Plug-in update version

File size: 1.6 MB

Version: 4.2.2

Support Unity version: 2019.4.28 or higher

provides the ability to convert speech to text using Google Cloud services Speech recognition using Google Cloud is a true Unity tool that provides the following features: ·Speech recording and recognition·Speech context settings·Support for 120 languages and variants·Fast speech recognition·Provides options for pre-built models tailored to your use cases·Automatic transcription of proper nouns and context-specific formats·Full inclusion of Google Cloud Speech REST API* ·Runtime speech detection features warnings: ·Be sure to read Google Cloud Speech’s Terms of Service for recognition·The plug-in does not include fees for Google Cloud services·The plug-in does not include the Google Cloud Storage API-which means Long Recognize can only record a 60-second version of AudioClipIn Pro-including the full source code! The most needed communication in VR\AR games and apps!