Unity插件 – 植物树系统 AltTrees System [Beta]

file size: 21.2MB Version: Supported Unity version: 5.6.0 or higher

AltTrees is Unity’s alternative tree system. Supports speedtree, Tree Creator and grid.

attention! AltTrees is only tested on Windows! Mac and Linux are not guaranteed to work!

It’s easy to grow trees, shrubs, flowers, rocks, stumps, etc. And it runs very fast. Available features for

: -Contains source code-Multithreading-GPU instantiation-PBR-LOD system-Fast billboard system-Cross-fade LOD conversion-Floating origin (Jump to the center of the big world)-Import tree: SpeedTree, Tree Creator and Grid-Import/Export Trees from/to Unity Terrain-Planting Trees on Unity Terrain and any other Grid-Easy Tree Editing-Wind (SpeedTree, TreeCreator)-Random tone changes-Trees rotate around the Y axis-and more…

plan features: – Infinite World-Planting multiple trees with one click-Changing the number of quality runtime shader graphics-Editing and saving trees at runtime-Changing trees over a network-Lightmap-Rotating trees around all axes

AltTrees does not include presentation scenes, trees, grass, flowers or anything else! There are only tree systems, scripts and shaders.

Official website: assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/alttrees-system-beta-76657