Unity插件 – 动画控制系统 Pegasus

File size: 13.9MB

Version: 2.5.4

Original Unity version: 5.1.0 or higher

Unity 3D Path-Based Driver/Animation Controller System

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From cutscene shots to characters and monster groups, Pegasus allows you to easily drive any object along a path!

In fact, with the new character controller system, you can lead a team of soldiers through your scene as easily as commanding a flock of birds, deer, or a group of tanks (please watch the second video). Set up your costumes in minutes!

Although simplicity and ease of use have always been key drivers of Pegasus development, this has not come at the expense of performance.

Pegasus allows you to: -create flyovers and cutscenes;-control shots, animals, vehicles, humans, NPCs, and anything else! – Animate and provide formation support as the character follows the path;-Local avoidance system allows the character to move back and forth within the scene without having to navigate the grid;-Control the speed of each segment;-Control the target you are looking at;-Control the altitude of the flyover;-Control playback from the Unity Timeline;-Avoid ground terrain or grid collisions;-Visualize the flyover in edit mode;-Control the duration to match your scene;- Circular or non-circular flyby;-Helios 2D and 3D video integration;-Extensible trigger system to add custom behavior;-Free high-performance allocation;-Run-time scripting.

Pegasus is suitable for your favorite terrain, buildings, dungeons or caves, and is extensible and scriptable.