Unity插件 – 弧形目标脚本 Arc Target

File size: 145.3 KB

Version: 1.9

Original Unity Version: 2017.4.20 or later

This asset is a basic all-in-one Arc Target Decal script. It works with basic additive materials, line renderers, and RayCast to create any changes to the thin, low-cost Target Arc effect. This script allows you to attach decals or spotlights using cookies as the target type. The target responds to the surface normal of any colliding body.

feature-This asset has Arc and Target textures in PSD and PNG formats. – Any transformed object in the scene can specify the arc start point-Target and arc delay speed control-Ideal for gun or grenade arc targets-Can switch the target point between the mouse pointer or the center of the screen-Now has XYZ direction options-Comes with decal 3D halo and SpotLight preform