Unity插件 – 人工智能AI系统 Invector FSM AI Template file size: 141.7MB Version: 1.1.7B Supported Unity Version: 2019.4.32 or higher Using an FSM system similar to Animator to create advanced AI behaviors FSM AI Templates can add high-quality AI to the game, give life to the game, and only take a few minutes to set up. Use Finite State Machine’s visual script editor to design unique behaviors and create a large number of built-in actions and decisions without mastering scripting technology. But we have also designed a way for bold developers to quickly add interfaces so they can code their own features.


advanced AI behavior (Civilians, melee and shooter) FSM Behavior Node Editor can create custom behaviors FSM time debugger point system rag doll system shooter bunker behavior Companion AI behavior Throwing behavior Hitbox based combat is perfectly combined with FPS and VR, Better than the third version of Inducer Personnel template supports humanoid and universal models melee weapon systems shooter weapon systems AI Spawner systems Bullets with trajectory renderers Lab-based decals etc.

wb: assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/ai/invector-fsm-ai-template-123618