Unity插件 – 资产查找器 Asset Finder PRO

“2023.11.30 Plug-in download link

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Original Unity Version:2020.1.0 or higher

” Is this tool suitable for me?

Do you want to speed up the construction of checkpoints?

Do you sometimes have trouble finding the asset/script file you are looking for?

Do you have many assets at your fingertips?

If any of the above applies, then Asset Finder PRO is the right tool for you!

What does it do?

Asset Finder PRO is a tool that simplifies your daily workflow building content and levels. This is done in 3 different ways:


1: A comprehensive and automated record of all assets you have used recently, allowing you to quickly find what you use most frequently.

2: Your own favorites list for easy access (folders and personal assets)

3: A list of all prefabricated items used in the current scene. This allows you to quickly find anything you use frequently in a specific scenario. These three methods,


, allow you to speed up level building and content creation without having to spend time searching in obscure folders to find the assets you need.

Does it support multiple users?

Asset Finder PRO is designed to support multi-user development, automatically creating custom favorites for each team member, while also supporting easy version control workflows.

You can also copy favorites from other profiles, allowing multiple team members to share profiles from which they can benefit.