Unity插件 – 资产优化工具 MeshFusion Pro : Ultimate Optimization Tool

File size: 19.5MB

Version: 1.1.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.1 or higher

MeshFusion Pro is an innovative asset that will significantly improve the frame rate and performance of Unity games.

MeshFusion Pro is a powerful Unity optimization tool that uses efficient methods to combine objects to reduce draw calls and improve FPS.

MeshFusion Pro can be used to combine static objects as well as LODGroups. You can also create dynamic composite objects where each individual grid can be moved at runtime, and new composite grids will automatically update. Maintain the degrees of freedom of a single grid while still getting the performance improvements of a combined grid!

MeshFusion Pro also divides scenes into units and combines objects within them for more efficient frustum culling.

Advantages of using MeshFusion Pro:

is easy to use: Users only need to attach a component to the objects they want to combine. That’s it! MeshFusion Pro will take care of the rest. Automatic component connection can also be achieved through the MeshFusion Pro Inspector. Runtime support: MeshFusion Pro can work with both objects that initially exist in the scene and objects that are instantiated at runtime. It can even process program-generated objects. Lightweight meshes: Unlike many other mesh combiners, MeshFusion Pro optimizes the mesh’s vertex buffer, which reduces memory usage by 50%, making processing faster. Source tracing: Use composite source objects as needed, and MeshFusion Pro will automatically track and apply any changes to the composite object.

In addition, MeshFusion Pro comes with fully recorded code so that you can better understand how it works and modify it based on your own unique needs and expectations.