Unity插件 – 增强现实+GPS定位 AR + GPS Location

file size: 14.2 MB Latest version: 3.8.0 Supported Unity version: 2019.4.34 or higher description

Unity AR+GPS Location

‘AR+GPS Location’ resources leverage Unity and augmented reality technology to determine the geographical location of 3D objects in the real world through GPS coordinates.


use Vuforia’s AR Foundation to achieve this by combining GPS data and AR tracking technology.

-Main function-

* Place a 3D object in a geographical location determined by its latitude, longitude, and altitude.

* AR Hotspot can be activated when the user is near a given location.

* Place 3D Text Maker in a location of real world interest (including examples using OpenStreetmap.)

* Device position and heading updates move smoothly.

* Move or place objects along paths (Catmull-rom splines) on the map.

* Augmented reality ground shadows.

* Universal Catmull-rom curves and splines.