Unity插件 – 自动化关卡设计器 TerraWorld – Automated Level Designer

2023.08.02 Updated plug-in version

File size: 14.2 MB

Version: 2.51.0

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.0 or higher

TerraWorld© is a Unity plug-in that uses real-world data from ESRI, NASA and OpenStreetMap to create near-reality environments…


have been tested on all stable versions of Unity for Windows, Mac and Linux. Linux users: Restart Unity after importing the resource package to complete the installation.

TerraWorld© is a Unity plug-in that leverages real-world data from ESRI, NASA and OpenStreetMap, as well as built-in algorithms for programmatic generation and placement of 3D resources in scenes, to create realistic environments.


automatic level designers refer to the world generation pipeline that transfers data to each other through graph nodes and embedded AI, thereby automatically generating programmatic content and placing resources in the scene.

SRP (HDRP, URP, or LWRP scriptable rendering pipeline) support is under development.