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File size: 148.6MB

Version: 1.0b

Support Unity Version: 2019.4.31 or later

uTire V2 is a tire deformation solution designed to be quickly, convincingly integrated and as easy to use as possible.

If you have anything with wheels and want to add a little extra realism immediately in a way that has little performance cost, you don’t want anything else.


are easy to use, drag-and-drop. If you need to do anything, the interface will guide you through it. Suitable for any vehicle that uses a WheelCollider with built-in WheelController, WheelController 3D or VehiclePhysicsPro It can also work without changing the physics at all, with visual distortion completely separated from PhysX. It can actually be added to a completed project in minutes, increasing visual interest without changing behavior. It works for * any * vehicle asset in the store! (But it doesn’t require any features) Integration with Vehicle Physics Pro and NWH2 (these assets come with their own wheel physics) HDRP (10.x), URP (10.x), legacy rendering support lightweight, ray casting uses the operating system, and morphing itself is done in the vertex shader Including the Amplify Shader Editor function-just drag the “uTireV2 Base Function” into the (relative) VertexOffset slot, Add “uTireV2” to any position in the shader name, and the rest will be completed automatically regardless of mesh normals, suitable for non-center rotating meshes, resized, etc.

wb: https://www.example.com