Unity插件 – 行为树 Behavior 2 | Game Creator 2

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Version: 2.1.4

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.11 or later

uses multiple AI technologies to define the behavior of characters

This module requires Game Creator 2 to run.


use 4 industry-standard technologies to create your own behavioral artificial intelligence system. The


state machines are the simplest and most intuitive tools. At any given time, an agent can perform a single state and have a list of transitions to other states. The

behavior tree provides a way to make the system more organized. It comes with all common types of nodes, such as tasks and subgraphs. The

composite node allows logic to be branched into multiple paths using selectors, sequence types, etc. The

decorator node allows conversion execution of the results of its child nodes. For example, use the Inverse decorator to change the Failure result to Success.

GOAP (Goal-Oriented Action Planning) is a novel technology that allows you to define multiple tasks to do without any order, and the behavioral brain will find the best possible combination at any given time to achieve a series of goals.

Practical artificial intelligence (also known as needs-based artificial intelligence) is an advanced behavioral artificial intelligence technology that allows the use of dynamic values and transition curves to define the degree to which task nodes should take precedence over other nodes.

This is very useful for creating games such as “The Sims”, where each character has different needs based on their personality characteristics and current environment.


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