Unity插件 – 绑定动画插件 Ragdoll Animator

2024.04.14 Updated plug-in version

File size: 6.6 MB

Version: 1.2.5

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.33 or higher

Set up your humanoid doll now! Set up animal/biological rag dolls easily and quickly! Integrate the rag doll’s limbs with the animated model! Activate rag dolls and control muscle strength to achieve animated poses!

Before purchase: To fully implement a plug-in with role mobility, you will need to use some code, but it’s not complicated-in most cases it’s just a single line of code. Sample scripts can really help you.

If you want your character to have physical legs while moving, doll animators may not be able to fully accurately support it yet. In fully free-fall rag doll mode, everything went as expected.

Ragdoll Animator provides an effective and clear solution for manipulating the physical characteristics of the doll on the limbs of a model, including animating the doll as it is pulled up. (Also applies to generic and traditional animated skeletons)

quickly prepares bones to generate colliders, rigid bodies, and joints.

use basic sliders to control the proportion/rigid mass of all colliders.

Use additional scene widgets to adjust the collider position/scale-no need to find bones in the hierarchy.

You can animate rag dolls in sync with keyframe animations and provide collision detection for arms, head and spine. You can smoothly enable free-fall rag doll mode, and you can add some natural movement to the rag doll through muscle strength, moving the bones to a keyframe animator pose with defined power.