Unity插件 – 生物绑定关节解算器插件 Creature IK – Final joints Solver

File size: 7.4MB

Version: 3.1.1

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.2 or later

” What is it?

Creature IK is a set of scripts that allow you to combine its three basic components to create any creature you want. You can easily move creatures over uneven terrain by moving the pivot.

How should I use it?

is simple: Download packages, explore example scenarios and merge components together to create something new. The code in the project is well organized, so advanced users can easily edit it and add new features when needed.

Main features

Highly customizable leg components:

Customizable step height/duration suitable for infinite joints Adapt to irregular terrains Customizable foot spacing and step threshold

Highly customizable body components:

can enable body tilt/momentum Customizable tilt range, grouped legs allow organic movement (Alternate legs when taking a step) Update the child manually to avoid unnecessary updates to the

vertebra solver:

can be anchored to simulate neck, antenna, tail, etc…. can be unanchored to simulate centipedes, ropes, chains, etc…. elevators can be applied to change the curvature of the vertebrae A sample scene grid containing 8 sample organisms can be physically collided can be changed in real time Setting debugging mode for each component Very good optimization algorithm stackable components Automover script can be used for testing purposes