Unity插件 – Blendshape 驱动程序 Blendshape Driver

file size: 11.8MB

version: 1.2.2

Original Unity version: 2019.4.17 or higher

Blendshape driver allows you to manipulate SkinnedMeshRenderer blended shapes extremely easily and intuitively. Need a complex facial outfit with multiple emotions? No problem. You need a simple outfit that can change the mixed shape by rotating the bones. This little package of


is incredible. I use Blendshapes for facial motion capture and be able to use this tool to make adjustments at every stage, which is great. 100% worth every penny, ultra-lightweight and easy to use/understand, and I managed to integrate it into my projects in less than a minute.

saves a lot of time. This script is suitable for multiple situations and is easy to configure.

This asset reduces the time it takes to combine other physical methods to create physical facial animations! Features of




user-friendly interface, lightweight real-time work, fully configurable