Unity插件 – 构建报告工具 Build Report Tool

File size: 557.1KB

Version: 3.11.4

Original Unity Version: 4.6.5 or higher

Want to reduce the game version below 50MB? Want to see which resources take up a lot of disk space? The tools


provide a good front-end for Unity version information. It displays the resources that came with the build and how much storage space each resource consumes.

resource usage/dependencies: See which resource is using which resource to understand why resources are shipped with that release.

unused resource list: Maybe you have files that you no longer use? Check which resources in the unused resources list are not included in your version!

Save to XML: Save the version report to an XML file! Store multiple version reports for reference or send them to team members.

project settings: Check which version settings the project used when building. When viewing the settings of the automatic version, this feature is ideal for continuous integration of systems. List of


DLLs: Check which Mono DLLs are included in your version and how much space they take up.


are also available for personal and mobile versions.