Unity插件 – 构建结构化空间 SECTR COMPLETE 2019

File size: 96.3 MB

Version: 2019.0.7

Original Unity Version: 2017.4.36 or later

SECTR COMPLETE 2019 is the ultimate toolkit for building and streaming structured spaces in Unity.

SECTR COMPLETE 2019 is the ultimate toolkit for building structured spaces in Unity. If you want to build an open world, bring a large game to mobile, or take advantage of the most advanced audio occlusion and dissemination technology, SECTR COMPLETE is definitely for you.

SECTR 2019 Major upgrades: -Support for Unity 2018.3 and 2019.x-Seamless support for Gaia, GeNa2 and CTS-Now several orders of magnitude faster at creating sections-Added floating point solutions to support additional large worlds-The entire SECTR suite is now integrated into one product-easier and intuitive to use.

main features: -SECTR CORE: Sectr Creation Toolkit-SECTR AUDIO: Immersive Spatial Audio-SECTR STREAM: Seamless Scene Streaming-SECTR VIS: Dynamic Occlusion Culling-Can be used in indoor and open world scenes. – Full support for PlayMaker. – Continuously update configuration files and manually optimize them. – Exclusive presentation content.