Unity插件 – 相机控制器 Camera Controller

File size: 2.6 MB

Version: 3.349

Support Unity version: 2017.4.1 or higher

The perfect high-quality camera solution for your game! The

Adventure Camera has evolved and is more than just a third-person camera. The new camera controller is very smooth and is specifically built for third-person games, first-person games and even strategy/MOBA. Using a “camera motor”, the camera controller can transition seamlessly from one view to another. You can even transition halfway through the game, giving your game an extra boost. The


camera controllers are rich in features, supporting off-center third-person viewing angles, advanced viewing angle obstacle detection, character fading in and out, camera shaking, etc.


use spline motors to move the camera along the path of focus during cutscenes or games. Take advantage of the motor that comes with the camera controller or create your own camera motor for a truly unique experience. Characteristics of


: * Modern third-person motors * Traditional third-person motors * First-person motors * Strategies/MOBA motors * Path following motors * Fixed view motors * Transition motors * Create and add custom motors * Advanced collision detection * Character fading * Fields-View zoom * Camera shake * Spline components * User-friendly UI * Set up in seconds * Supports any input solution * Supports Windows Xbox controller * Contains C#code * Unparalleled