Unity插件 – 汽车控制器插件 MIS-AI-CarRider-RCC

File size: 9.9MB

Version: 1.1.0

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.2 or higher

MIS-AI- CarRider-RCC is a custom plug-in for Inductor that runs based on Inductor Template Middleware (MIS). The Invector template is one of the best controllers and can be upgraded using MIS and MIS packages. If you are not yet familiar with MIS, check out this MIS v2 quick installation guide.

MIS-AI-Carrier-RCC is a MIS-CarRider solution for FSM AI. Use high-performance and easy-to-use FSM AI templates to create your own AI CarRider logic. The package currently provides 38 actions/decisions. After


use NavMesh to explore the path, it will use the RCC controller to drive it in a realistic way.

In addition, it also uses MIS-Lockon’s target manager to search for cars with surprisingly high performance.