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Unity插件 – 创建多人卡牌游戏完整工具 CCG Kit

2023.4.08 Update

File Size: 27.3 MB

“”Version: 2.4.0

Support Unity Version: 2021.3.4 or better

CCG Kit is the most complete tool for creating your own multiplayer collectible card games using Unity.

This asset is a great starting point for developing your own multiplayer CCG/TCG and learning how to build and implement such projects.

·Take advantage of UNET’s server authoritative multiplayer game features.

·Integrated editor allows you to specify basic attributes of the game and create new cards visually.

·Including a complete demonstration game, adhering to the classic spirit of the genre.

·Includes single-player mode for AI as a reference.

·The game user interface of the Unity UI system is widely used.