Unity插件 – 图表脚本插件 E2Chart

File size: 3.1MB

Version: 3.3.2

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.30 or later

E2Chart is a script GUI package for creating charts and graphics.

support charts:

pie charts, bar charts, line charts, rose charts, radar charts, dashboards, physical dashboards, tables and heat maps


-Lightweight and fast

-Easy to create and modify charts

-Easy to switch between chart types for different visualization purposes

-Edit and preview charts in edit mode

-Highly customizable chart components

– Highly automated chart generation process

-Support for irregular interval line charts

-Ability to display massive amounts of data with good runtime performance

-Display tooltips

when mouse over chart items-Support for import of csv files

-Support for Text Mesh Pro

-Provide complete source code