Unity插件 – ChatGPT 脚本生成器 ChatGPT Script Generator

file size: 140.8KB

version: 2.2.5

Original Unity version: 2019.4.40 or later

lets ChatGPT write and edit code directly in the Unity editor.

use the ChatGPT script generator for Unity to take your game development process to new heights. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual coding and embrace the future of AI-assisted game development!

workflow: Just type a prompt that describes the C#script you want to create. The more specific and clearer your description is, the better your chances of receiving accurate scripts. ChatGPT will use your prompts to generate scripts, leveraging its high-level language understanding and generation capabilities. After the script is generated, it is automatically added to your Unity project for customization and integration as needed. This simplified process allows you to focus on the creative aspects of the project while reducing the time spent manually coding.

Easily modify existing scripts with ChatGPT: Just right-click on any script in the “Project” view, select “Edit C#script with ChatGPT”, and provide instructions for the changes you need. ChatGPT will intelligently analyze existing scripts and apply requested changes, simplifying your script editing process. This feature allows you to:

easily refactor and optimize code, implement new or enhanced features in existing scripts, quickly fix problems or make adjustments based on feedback, and save time on manual code editing tasks.