Unity插件 – 城市建造者 City Builder: Collection One (URP)

File size: 2.3 GB

Version: 1.0.1

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.32 or higher

Series One combines three city builder packages at a discounted price.


use marketing materials collected by the HDRP software package. There are 3 packages for


. The total number of prefabricated components in URP is 370


This bundle includes:

City Builder: City + Large props: City

City Builder: Urban contains 2 software packages, totaling 178 high-quality assets designed in New York style, enabling fast and affordable city creation.

Urban Builder: Urban 2 Japan

“Urban Builder: Urban 2” is a high-quality asset designed in Japanese style that can be used for fast and affordable city creation.

Please note: This resource includes a texture that uses the rising sun as a pattern in its artwork (which can be easily edited). Although this model is still widely used in Japan and other countries, some people in South Korea, China and other Asian countries may find it offensive.

City Builder: Cyberpunk

“City Builder Cyber punk” is a high-quality resource pack designed specifically for quickly building cyberpunk style cities.