Unity插件 – 城市系统 CScape City System

File size: 154.6MB

Version: 1.0.4b

Support Unity version: 5.6.2 or higher

“CScape is a specially optimized and powerful Cityscape generator capable of generating thousands of unique buildings. The main advantage of the plug-in

is that it uses a large number of draw call optimizations to achieve extreme performance, setting a new benchmark for fidelity and high-performance rendering for the large world. This magic effect can be achieved by using a single-pass shader/material across the cityscape. This results in significant performance optimization when using static/dynamic batch processing or occlusion culling. (For a city covering an area of 10 km2, there are approximately 60-160 drawing calls)

wb: assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/cscape-city-system-86716