, Unity插件 – 布料模拟插件 Magica Cloth 2,


2024.05.21 newer version

file size: 82.2 mb

version: 2.8.0

original Unity version: 2021.3.16 or higher

MagicaCloth2 is a cloth simulation used with Unity DOTS. Suitable for conversion and grid. It will be the successor to the previous MagicaCloth.

what is MagicaCloth2?

MagicaCloth2 is a cloth simulation system that can be used with Transform and Mesh.

with this asset, you can wave anything on your character!

it works quickly with Unity’s DOTS (data-oriented technology stack).

it does not affect the rendering pipeline at all, nor does it require any special shaders.

it becomes Version2 by adding improvements to the previous Ver1.x.” The

system optimization integrates all components into one, eliminating the need for tedious pre-builds (create buttons).

also adds new collision features, such as edge collisions, backstops, and self-collisions.

however, it is not compatible with Ver1.x.


for fast cloth simulation Unity DOTS (data-oriented technology stack) is suitable for all platforms except WebGL, suitable for transformation and grid implementation of 2.5D behavior with similar 2D motion While maintaining physical lifelike motion, it is suitable for all BuildRP/URP/HDRP rendering pipelines without special shaders. Simple and intuitive interface can quickly set up time manipulation. For example, decelerating and stopping point / edge based collision self-collision and collision penetration measures (normal reverse) normal adjustment function fully supports runtime build with complete source code

Ver1 improved

elimination pre-build (eliminate create button) remove physical manager remove RenderDeformer/VirtualDeformer components into one big simple Significant improvement in vertex rendering by texture assignment of vertex rendering does not store sub-asset

in the preform