, Unity插件 – 布料解算动力学 Cloth Dynamics,


2023.10.04 updated plug-in version

file size: 194.5 MB

version: 2.0.9 Beta

original Unity version: 2019.4.28 or higher

for GPU-based fast clothing simulation of 3D projects.

make sure your version is the same or higher, or you will download the old Cloth Dynamics version!

(Unity 2019.4.28f1 Version 1.8 is deprecated but still downloadable)

has not been tested on Linux and console.

does not support WebGL! Old mobile devices are not supported!

on mobile devices, only Vulkan or Metal API can work because computational shader support is required!


Cloth Dynamics as a fast and advanced particle-based physical system that runs primarily on GPU with computational shaders. ” Some parts of the

C# source code depend on Unity’s Burst and Shader Graph packages.


-one of the fastest GPU-based cloth simulations.

– role clothing unified solution.

– GPU skinning (using Unity standard or double quaternion skinning)

– the cloth interacts with the Unified Collider based on SDF computing.

– pre-cached data loads faster.

– per cloth adjustable calculator data.

– A simple LOD system fades in and out between the skin mesh and the cloth sim.

-cloth proxy: use low-resolution simulation to drive high-resolution meshes.

– independent compression, stretching, and bending constraints.

– the cloth collides with itself and other fabrics.

-supports all standard Unity Colliders as well as stretched spheres and cones.

-automatic camera culling.

– collides with the mesh of a point-to-point system (using vertices or triangles).

-Mobile support (original collisions only, such as spheres, cubes… ).

-includes complete C # source code, precompiles V2’s computational shader.

– WebGL is not supported!

easy-to-use integrated editor tool:

-automatic character setup for the Bone-driven Collider.

– Fast vertex painter and vertex color transfer.

– A clothing tool for creating cloth in Unity.