Unity插件 – 完整的操作系统用户界面 DreamOS – Complete OS UI

File size: 56.1MB

Version: 2.4.7

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.41 or later

DreamOS is a complete UI package for Unity that allows you to create an amazing in-game operating system interface. Everything you see is included in the package and fully customizable.


Want to create an advanced in-game operating system for your game or application? Well, we have you covered. With DreamOS, you will be able to easily create beautiful operating system interfaces.

·Concise design

has a simple and clean exterior design, as well as smooth prefabricated animations that can be edited in Unity.

·User Interface Manager

Using the UI Manager, you can change the overall appearance of the UI in seconds, rather than changing it one by one.

·Fully customizable

You can add or change almost anything in Unity without having to process code or external tools.

·Demonstration Scenes

include two ready-to-use demonstration scenarios; desktop and world space.

·Functional apps

There are 13 different apps that meet all your needs, from messaging to music players. More on the road!

·Functional system characteristics

include fully functional system functions such as; user creation, time and date, network (simulation), modular widgets, notifications; and more!

·The user interface elements


contain a unique set of elements that meet all your UI needs.

·The native user interface supports

DreamOS to use the native Unity UI, so you can continue to work the way you are accustomed to and use third-party UI extensions.