Unity插件 – 完整的生存工具包 Eadon Survival for Invector TPC

File size: 35.6 mb

Version: 1.3.2

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.43 or higher

Inductor’s Eadon Survival is a complete survival kit that can be used with the Injector TPC (melee or shooting). It implements all the traditional mechanisms of this type, such as hunger, thirst, injury, disease, cold and heat.

has the following characteristics:

Hunger and Thirst Management Temperature Treatment (via Enviro integration) Day and night management with different hunger/thirst situations (via Enviro integration) Targeted treatment of harm for different conditions of diseases (From severe attacks or damage taken while falling below a threshold) Custom weakening effects on disease Custom weakening effects on damage, including preventing equipping the broken arm with the item bonfire system, allowing you to warm up, heal, and rest Free reward assets: Eadon Enviro Integration, a set of scripts and assets used to display the time of day, weather, and manipulation time in the game