Unity插件 – 数据虚拟化插件 EnhancedScroller

File size: 3.7MB

Version: 2.38.0

Original Unity Version: 2017.4.8 or later

EnhancedScroller virtualizes your data and displays only the required elements. Bring thousands of lines into several UI elements to display, speeding up processing and saving memory. Objects cannot be corrupted, so your platform does not need to collect garbage. Best of all, it works on Unity’s built-in UI system components. The


lists are data-driven and dynamically created, so you don’t have to set them up at design time. The scrollers don’t need to be aware of the data or view presentation, just focus on managing your list to achieve a true MVC experience. Optional loops allow you to display unlimited lists of data. Each unit can have its own size or use a size. Optional alignment allows you to lock the unit in a specific position. Tapping features simplify the transition of jumps and alignment, providing a smooth user experience.


* Dynamic, data-driven lists * MVC framework to maintain the necessary separation * Efficient recycling of list items * Optional infinite looping * Support for multiple list item sizes or global sizes * List items are fully customizable to meet your project needs * Optional alignment feature to lock in your scrollers * Tending feature to simplify jumping and alignment * Demonstrations, tutorials and complete C#code are included.