Unity插件 – 游戏破坏系统 DestroyIt – Destruction System

File size: 191.8MB

Version: 1.16a

Original Unity Version: 2018.3.0 or later

DestroyIt is a highly optimized destruction system that provides your game with options such as damage handling, repairing, and destroying objects.

leverages standard shaders and customizable damage textures to allow objects to show visible progressive damage (and even repair). You can also play damage effects at any damage stage. For example, an engine will start smoking at half health and catch fire at quarter health.

From playing particle effects to replacing objects with preforms, destruction can be simple or realistic. You can even combine these two methods to achieve a more luxurious effect.

DestroyIt is designed to efficiently handle mass destruction. The framework provides tools for limiting particle effects and debris, as many objects can be destroyed at once or farther away from the lens. Object pooling is also used to optimize memory allocation.